Dave Aizer interview

For the past 3 decades slime has always been the trademark for Nickelodeon. Shows such as You Can’t Do That on Television, Double Dare, and Figure It Out is what made us familiar to the substance. From 2000-03 every kid wanted to be a part of the program Slime Time Live and be silly. If you think about it ever since that program ended, the slime identity that made Nickelodeon what it is now is not really noticeable anymore,except the Kids Choice Awards. Slime Time Live’s main host Dave Aizer was nice to chat with me about his memories on the show and how wonderful Nick Studios was. All apart of the Nick Studios documentary.

1. How did you get the role in Nick Gas and Slime Time Live?
I was working for Disney at The ESPN Club on Disney’s Boardwalk, when I heard about some auditions for Nick Gas. So, even though I didn’t have an appointment, I decided to grab a headshot and go to the auditions. They agreed to see me, it went well, and I was offered the job with Gas. From there, a few years later, Nickelodeon gave me the incredible opportunity to host SlimeTime.
2. What was a typical day like at Nickelodeon Studios?
Very busy. Between hosting Gas and SlimeTime, it was a full day of production. Pretty much nonstop TV hosting the entire day. But I absolutely loved it.
3. Do you remember any other shows being filmed where you were at?
Yes, Nickelodeon also filmed Taina at those studios.
4. What was one of the good things about living/working in Orlando?
The weather was great. There were amusement parks everywhere you turned and the people were very cool.
5. Slime Time Live holds the record for the most amount of sliming onto the crowd. Describe the feeling of getting slimed. I’m sure the set was messy everyday from all the sliming and pies in the face. Did it ever get exhausting at times?
It’s actually really fun getting slimed. It tastes pretty good and it washes out of your hair very easily. It never got old.
6. Were there ever any times when a kid, got picked to be on stage, got carried away and tried to sneak in a pie to your face or any one really? LOL!
Pretty much all the time! It was a free-for-all. People were always throwing pies and getting wrapped up in the mess.
7. I went to Nick Studios myself when I was younger and I recall the gak kitchen (and also slimed). I believe that was where you got all sliming and pies from I assume.
Yes that’s correct.
8. There were alot of noticeable guest stars on STL. Who was the coolest to hang with?
Tough question. I became pretty good friends with some of the guys from N’SYNC and Backstreet Boys. So probably those guys.
9. Did you have a favorite ride at Universal Studios Florida?
10. Sadly STL was one of the last shows or block taped at Nick Studios. Did you notice a decrease in the audience during the studio’s final years? Were there any producers who were thinking of creating a hit show or anything to save the studio?
No the audience was still packed pretty much every show. As far as I know, there weren’t plans to create any other shows.
11. I think that Nickelodeon Studios was a special place for kids and adults to interact with actors and tv shows and just have a lot of fun especially somewhere like Orlando. Would you agree with that?
Absolutely. It was a great environment, there was a ton of energy, and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my entire career. I genuinely loved going to work every day … it didn’t even feel like work.
12. Would you like to see Nick Studios be re-opened?
Sure. That would be great!
13. As a matter of fact, once it reopens I think you should be a producer this time around or you can host again if you would return to Nickelodeon.
Haha thanks. If it opens and they want me to be part of it, I’d be honored. I have a lot of great memories from there and made some incredible friendships.
14. Well thank you for the interview Dave. I’ll be sure to show you the collage with the videos and everyone’s words, including yours, when finished. Keep in touch.
Thanks very much. I sincerely appreciate your interest in SlimeTime and Nick Studios. Good luck!

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