From My Brother and Me to Young and Hungry actress Kym Whitley tells about Nickelodeon years.

Actress and comedienne Kym Whitley has come a long way from her years on the hit 90s Nickelodeon shows My Brother and Me and All That.  One was the top rated kids sitcom among African-American families while sadly lasting one season and the other sparked ten seasons,elevated the cast members careers and did achieve a landing mark in kids world of sketch comedy. All of this has made Kym work even harder through her years on hit movies and television shows. While she now has her acclaimed reality show Raising Whitley on the OWN network, she now has a new sitcom out called Young and Hungry which premiered last month. But Kym has such good memories of being at Nick that she was happy to talk to me about her experience and why it helped paved the way for her career today and that Nickelodeon Studios was a monumental building. Be sure to catch Young and Hungry at Wednesdays  at 8pm/7c on ABC Family!



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