Cori Yarckin of Noah Knows Best interview

Cori Yarckin had the role of Camille Ruiz on the short livedearly 2000s Nickelodeon series Noah Knows Best. You can hear from Cori about the good times of the show, why Florida is now struggling with tv and film, and her connection to Nickelodeon studios opening. You can see more about Cori and her music from her website




1. How did you get the role of Camille Ruiz on Noah Knows Best?

Just a normal audition I got through my agent.

2. Did you know about Nickelodeon Studios and what was your first impression of it when you got there?

I was living in Orlando when Nickelodeon Studios first opened (actually went to the opening party). So yes, I had known about it and had taken the tours and everything. When I actually was working there, it was a little surreal to be on the other side of it all, but really cool.

3. What was a typical day like being there?

It really just depended on the schedules. It was either rehearsals or filming… but since I didn’t have too many lines, I spent a lot of time hanging out with the hair/makeup team and in my trailer. (I had my very own trailer!! It was so cool!)

4. Did the sound stages help out alot to make your job easier in a messy environment like Double Dare or Guts, considering how the large the studio was?

Our show wasn’t too messy. 🙂

5. Were there any celebrities you recall who visited the studio?

Yes… The band Hanson was on our show for an episode. That was really neat! And Keenan was there once too. He was really nice.

6. Do you remember other shows being filmed where you were at?

Yes, Taina and Slime Time Live were filmed at the same time.

7. Orlando back then was shaped up to be Hollywood East but never lived up to it. As a Florida native how great was it to have all the tv and film production going on in the area and why do you think it has since decreased?

It really all comes down to money in the end. Florida used to have tax breaks and incentives for productions to happen here and when they took all that away, it severely decreased the amount of filming done here.

8. Have you ever been slimed?

No. 😦

9. Was there a reason why Noah Knows Best only lasted one season?

Not sure really. I’m sure it had something to do with ratings, but with television, there could be many reasons why. I’m just thankful I got the opportunity to be a part of it.

10. Did you have a favorite ride at Universal Studios Florida?

Then… I don’t remember honestly… but now, The Hulk is pretty awesome!

11. Do you still talk to anyone from the show?

Yes… Still in touch with Dempsey Papillon, and Facebook friends with the rest of the main players from the show too. (Rachel Roth, Phillip Van Dyke, Willie G, etc)

12. If there was any type of prop from the studio or set you can own what would it be?

I took some of my wardrobe with me. That was pretty cool!

13. How great was all the staff who worked there? I always hear positive stories.

AMAZING! Great group to work with. True professionals who made my experience completely memorable!

14. What have you been up to these days?

I’m currently an Orlando Magic Dancer and run a video production company with my husband.

15. Favorite behind the scenes memory.

Just hanging out in the hair/makeup studio all the time.

16. You may not be aware but how do you feel knowing that Noah Knows Best and the rest of 90s Nickelodeon shows made such a positive impact on fans and is still loved today?

Well that’s really nice to hear! 🙂

17. What do you think made Nick Studios so great and special?

They just went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and could still be “kids” while having a very adult/professional type of job. They gave us all Razor scooters too! I’ll never forget when I first got the job, my agent told me how great everyone at Nickelodeon was and how I would be so spoiled after the experience. She was right!

18. Would you like to see it be re-opened?



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