It’s now 2015! What it now means.

Happy 2015 readers!! I just want to update this page a little bit for the time being to say that I have not forgotten about this project. In fact it’s been on my mind every day but with life goals and other interferes sometimes you have to put things on the back burner and that’s what happened here. While I do have over 87 interviews at the moment my time conducting them has slowed for a little bit, if you haven’t noticed, since schedules get in the way. But now a brand new year means brand new opportunities. I will be getting back to the interview circuit to assure that this documentary will get screened and viewed to the right audience. One thing that I do want to make sure is asking for help on possible press releases and major outlets that would support this type of project. Nickelodeon Studios is a building that not too many know about while it just catered to so many kids around the country and bestowed lasting memories for all the shows that were filmed there and for those who got a chance to visit the place when it was opened. With this April marking TEN years, yes 10 years, since the building got closed and restored as Blue Man Group now is going to be the right time to get this documentary to its final conclusion. It will need to be fast and get to the point on how the film is going to be represented. For those who are awaiting the interviews and wondering where I have been I apologize but i’m getting back to it. I’ve come so far to not let this all go to waste and my goal is just to obtain a valuable memory and importance that was Nick Studios Florida inside the minds of everyone who’s watching. Thank you and peace be with you 🙂 -B


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