The world of Ryan Reynolds

It seems there is no stopping Mr. Ryan Reynolds these days. Last year he shot three films back to back and last December it was announced that he would portray superhero Deadpool in his own spin-off film that originated from X-Men Origins:Wolverine he starred in years back. As for the movies he shot last year they were Mississippi Grind, Woman in Gold, and Criminal. While I previously did a review on Mississippi Grind, I now have to catch up on more info regarding Woman in Gold and Criminal. The former which released a trailer literally last week and the latter which can only be determined as it finished production or not is only the beginning for Ryan. Also last month he had another independent film that was released called The Captive. What I’d like to hear from Ryan is how all these films mean so much to him and is there a particular dream project of his. But I guess the biggest role and most meaningful for Ryan is him preparing to be a new father as he’s expecting a baby with wife Blake Lively due this year! I, one day, would like to know if he would be fond of his days on the Nickelodeon show Fifteen which is the sole basis for this project and inspiration for the website.


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