Have Your Wish by Julie Benz

It’s always a good thing when celebrities, even anybody, donate their time to assist and speak out on issues affecting health/medical regarding kids and those who are less fortunate. When actress Julie Benz is not working she speaks out on her role for the non-profit organization Wish Upon a Teen. Though it happened last year, Julie is still gathering her thoughts to spread the word on teenagers who face life threatening illnesses. With another popular non-profit organization Make-a-Wish Foundation, it is certainly a joy to hear of another company willing to ask well known figures to represent their goals and campaigns on how we can find a cure and treat everyday teens who face these illnesses that to never give up hope and to still live out their teenage life like every other normal teens do. I seen the site and one of the programs being offered is Spa Day and Tech Rooms which could make any person feel at home! So if you want to know about this company you can find out more info here http://www.wishuponateen.org/. It’d be neat for Julie to speak on this for our site and well reminisce on her Hi Honey days 😉


JULIE BENZ at Dexter Season 8 Premiere


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