Welcome to my site!

My name is Bilaal Smith.  I may be no ordinary journalist or someone you may have never heard of but this is all for good intentions. For the past year and a half I have been creating a documentary to discuss the history of the now closed Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando,FL at Universal Studios. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this as not only was it a part of one person’s childhood but it also a piece of historical landmark that has left an impact on a time of groundbreaking television and just when Nickelodeon, the network, was becoming a household name. Ever since the studio closed in 2005 it has somewhat become a forgotten building which housed a ton of classic tv shows, promos, and stars who got there start at Nickelodeon who are now popular young tv and film actors today.

My goal is to interview all the celebs who performed at the Orlando studio(now occupied by the Blue Man Group) in an effort to get this whole project on release through Amazon, Dvd, and twitter campaign just so fans can see how much the studio meant to them.

This site will be posted weekly with written down interviews with some of these stars(the YouTube channel has on camera and phone interviews). The celebs now are busy in tv shows and movies while some now have normal working jobs but my goal is to create a pleasant conversation with them and reminisce on what it was like to be in Florida.  With over 50 interviews and counting I can say that I am on a good path. Thank you for checking this out!


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