Kel Mitchell talks with me about Nick Studios Florida

It’s a special day because today April 16, marks the 20th anniversary of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That.  It quickly became a hit and the main go to for the network lasting for an impressive 11 years! All That which has always been called “the SNL for kids” was fantastic not only because of its wholesome, hilarious sketches from the talented cast members but because of the musical guests ranging from R&B to hip hop to pop who you were all waiting to see at the end of every episode.  I did talk to original cast member Kel Mitchell about his beginnings of the show in Orlando,Fl at Nickelodeon Studios and how great it was for everybody to get their start there (keep in mind this interview is from last December so no discussion of the 20th landmark at the time). You can see all about Kel by looking at his website here. In the meantime here are also two latest articles where the cast members, crew and musical guests discuss the legacy of the show now nearing 20 years later and  Here is Kel’s interview about NSF below(there is an audio out of sync problem so forgive my part in this video. I tried to fix it)!