Kirk Fogg interview

From 1993-95 the Nickelodeon game show “Legends of the Hidden Temple” combined brains and athleticism. Kids would answer questions around history based knowledge while playing games centered around the history subject of that episode while the grand finale was going through a 3 min maze to retrive the grand prize called “Temple Run”. I got to interview through email the host Kirk Fogg to talk about his experience at Nickelodeon Studios and why it should come back! Please be on the lookout for his website launching soon!

1. How did you become the host of legends of the hidden temple?
 I was picked out of the Screen Actors Players guide then I went for the interview and had to do some play by action and boom they picked me….They didn’t have much time to choose so I was lucky cuz I didn’t have much experience..
2. What was a typical day like at Nick Studios?
Typical day for me was showing up and walking around the set trying to figure out what the show was about.  I didn’t get a lot of hands on guidance so it was a bit overwhelming due to the nature of the production.
3.  In past interviews you said that you had ran through the temple run yourself can you describe how complicated it was?
Temple wasn’t that complicated for me runing through because all the doors were open.  I just wanted to see if I could get through it under 3 minutes without passing out.  It’s harder for adults in that you have to do a lot of ducking.

4. Did you have a personal favorite team?

I don’t know. It changes.  But mostly I guess I like the Silver Snakes ….but don’t hold me to it.
5. The set you all filmed in was huge. Do you remember how big the soundstage was?
Sound stage- pretty typical, large.  We had everything on it.  Moat, Steps and Temple.  It was huge.

6. What was one of the good things about living/working in Orlando,FL?

It was nice going to Orlando.  It’s very chill there and it gave me a chance to relax(sometimes) and get my head together.  The people of Orlando were very nice.

7. Do you remember other shows being filmed where you were at?

When I was there they were still doing Double Dare, Figure it out(I think) and Guts(I think).  But during my shoot mine was the only show taping that I know of.
8. What was Dee Bradley Baker, who voiced Olmec, like in person and do you keep in touch with him?
Dee is a very cool guy who was living in Orlando at the time.  Very talented. I encouraged him to move to LA for his career….nice move!
9. Do you happen to know where Olmec’s statue is today?
 I’m sure the producers have all the important stuff. I didn’t get anything…:(
10. You may not be aware but how do you feel knowing that your show and the rest of the 80s & 90s Nickelodeon made such an positive impact on fans and is still loved today?
Didn’t really sink in until about 15 years later when the fans got older and began to voice thier opinions on social media…it’s awesome!

11. Alot of people wanna know this but have you ever been slimed?

Never been slimed…ha ha

12. Did you have a favorite ride at Universal Studios Florida?

I remember liking the restaurant drive in movie …not a ride and not even sure if it’s on the Universal Studios lot…. In LA I liked the Back to the Future…which I’m not sure they still have.

13. You recently starred in a Volkswagen commercial, how much fun was that?

Love doing commercials.  The last one was great…shot it quick inbetween rain storms. Lot of people saw that one.

14. Any upcoming projects you’re working on you can tell us about?

 Nothing entertainment related to speak of at the moment but that could change… I am launching a website
15. Any other behind the scenes or crazy fan moments that happened on set at the studios that you can recall?
 No crazy fan moments…everyone was kept at a safe distance.
16. What do you think was the best thing about Nickelodeon Studios?
I liked the unpretentiousness of the Florida Studios. Less Hollywood(ish)
17. Would you like to see Nick Studios be reopened?
It should and they should bring back the gameshows. Not sure what they are thinking.
18. Thank you Kirk for the interview. Definitely nice to hear from you. I’ll show you the documentary once finished. Thanks!
Thanks Bilall.  Sorry it took so darn long to do this… maybe it was better that you sent the questions via the email…Kirk.