A talk with Scott Fishman

It was so nice to get to interview Scott Fishman yesterday. Besides him currently being the senior VP/executive producer,Sports and Specials of Spike TV, he was also the general manager of Nick Studios from 1997 to when it closed in 2005. Even he was part of the beginning process to when it first came as an idea in 1988! Scott has such an intellectual background and was very generous explaining all the wonderful years that the studio took place. The few things that surprised me were the creation of GUTS and Game Lab. All it took was just for the guests to know what it was like to film a game show and then they can have their own way of testing out subjects for future game shows in the making. Scott was very supportive of this documentary and sees that Nick was a wonderful memory that shouldn’t be tainted with. Listen to our interview below! Here’s the website forĀ SpikeTV


Scott Fishman


Senior Vice President of Spike TV Scott Fishman knows exactly what television wants. He’s smart, creative, and best of all from New York! Spike TV nicknamed “the guy channel” is just one of many networks dedicated to bringing the best type of entertainment relating to men as possible. From the Spike TV awards to 1000 ways to die to Impact wrestling you have to guess where did Scott come up with all of this?! Well he’s no rookie to this at all. For over 30 years he has been established in V ranging from MTV to Nickelodeon. Better yet Mr. Fishman was also the general manager of Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando,Fl from 1997 all the way ups to its closing in 2005. Spike TV is such a guilty pleasure and with this going hand in hand with Nick I would love to ask him the difference of being in children’s tv to a mature audience.