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It’s always a good thing when celebrities, even anybody, donate their time to assist and speak out on issues affecting health/medical regarding kids and those who are less fortunate. When actress Julie Benz is not working she speaks out on her role for the non-profit organization Wish Upon a Teen. Though it happened last year, Julie is still gathering her thoughts to spread the word on teenagers who face life threatening illnesses. With another popular non-profit organization Make-a-Wish Foundation, it is certainly a joy to hear of another company willing to ask well known figures to represent their goals and campaigns on how we can find a cure and treat everyday teens who face these illnesses that to never give up hope and to still live out their teenage life like every other normal teens do. I seen the site and one of the programs being offered is Spa Day and Tech Rooms which could make any person feel at home! So if you want to know about this company you can find out more info here http://www.wishuponateen.org/. It’d be neat for Julie to speak on this for our site and well reminisce on her Hi Honeydays 😉


JULIE BENZ at Dexter Season 8 Premiere


It seems there is no stopping Mr. Ryan Reynolds these days. Last year he shot three films back to back and last December it was announced that he would portray superhero Deadpool in his own spin-off film that originated from X-Men Origins:Wolverine he starred in years back. As for the movies he shot last year they were Mississippi Grind, Woman in Gold, and Criminal. While I previously did a review on Mississippi Grind, I now have to catch up on more info regarding Woman in Gold and Criminal. The former which released a trailer literally last week and the latter which can only be determined as it finished production or not is only the beginning for Ryan. Also last month he had another independent film that was released called The Captive. What I’d like to hear from Ryan is how all these films mean so much to him and is there a particular dream project of his. But I guess the biggest role and most meaningful for Ryan is him preparing to be a new father as he’s expecting a baby with wife Blake Lively due this year! I, one day, would like to know if he would be fond of his days on the Nickelodeon show Fifteen which is the sole basis for this project and inspiration for the website.


The talented A.J. McLean, along with his group Backstreet Boys, are now making their way to the big screen. It’s a brand new documentary where the iconic group of 5 makes their way to London recording new music, reflecting on their 22 years in the  music business, how strong their friendship is, and healing past wounds. I will say that something like this is way past due but it’s a statement of just how beloved the band is. The group’s documentary Backstreet Boys: Shoe Em What You’re Made Ofhits theaters and VOD Jan 30, 2015 and you can watch the official trailer for it down below. Hey A.J why don’t you come along and give an interview for this site to seek out your past and how it brought you here?! 😉



You may not know this but actor,director,producer Malcolm Jamal Warner did in fact direct and guest star on several episodes of the hit Nickelodeon shows All That and Kenan & Kel. One thing that can be said about Malcolm is his ability to act when it comes to comedy and drama. From starring in two popular tv series and getting spots on major motion pictures and critically acclaimed tv dramas, he knows what it takes to get things done. Since he has made many directorial features one thing that makes him stand out is his days at Nickelodeon. From guest starring in an episode of All That it made have given him a bit of a uniqueness in terms of directing a sketch comedy formulaic show as opposed to the sitcom based roles he did prior to that. Because of those choices Malcolm continues to get jobs from the most recent short lived BET seriesRead Between the Lines but now fans can also see him in the new film coming out later this year calledMuted http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3279922/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1.


Dan and Mike_2(2)

You know him as Little Pete, being funny on All That, or as “the slime king” on Figure It Out but now Danny Tamberelli is up to a new position:musician and voice actor. Actually the former Nickelodeon star has has a passion for music since he was a child and now plays bass and vocals with his band Jounce. Since i’m a big fan myself of the GTA series I was also pleased to know that Danny does in fact lend his voice as one of the main characters in the latest incarnation of the popular GTA series Grand Theft Auto 5.  Danny can do it all act,sing,be funny, and you bet that I’m a fan!  Check out Jounce’s website here http://www.jounce.org/




Earlier this year Backstreet Boy AJ McLean seeked out on a new adventure: securing mobile cases! If you’re an IPhone user but very clumsy in holding your device then Anvil Cases have been hard at work in making sure that their user’s mobile devices are protected at all times. Get yourself a new Anvil mobile case to have the best material for a safe comfy cell device. We can assume that McLean is an Iphone user himself and for him and his band mates communication is a key for someone like them who constantly travel around the world to talk to family members–especially if the technology is up to date. If you wanna know more you can visit the Anvil wesbite or just see what AJ has to say below!





I have to say that Melissa Joan Hart is just one of those actresses who you can’t help but love. She has charm,charisma,beauty,and talent. I know she has said in the past that the late Shirley Temple is her idol so I have to ask her did she ever imitate any of her roles. After reading her latest book Melissa Explains it All (which was very fascinating to read) she not only has wonderful memory but knows how to tell a story. The book she recalls a lot of tales of her humble beginnings to gearing up in her Nickelodeon years as Clarissa in Orlando to the popular Sabrina,wild parties in her 20s and now her happiest new life as a wife, mother, and star of a successful sitcom Melissa & Joey which just got picked up for a fifth and sixth season! While I am grateful that I got the chance to mini interview Melissa many months ago in support of the project https://bilaalsmith.wordpress.com/2014/03/15/melissa-joan-hart-interview/ I became more fascinated with her early years in Florida and now would love to speak with her again! You can pick up a copy of the book at any store.


actor,singer,songwriter,and now producer Ben Bledsoe is gearing up for a new direction in his ever growing career.  He is one of the creators behind the documentary titled The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin which details the newest technology of Bitcoin and just how much this will sweep the nation in years to come. I am very fortunate that we had a chance to discuss this in our interview for this current project from late last year. 

Ben has become a great associate ever since I got to talk to him and this is certainly something that I think folks would appreciate.  He has been vastly involved in entertainment since he was a teenager ranging from acting on spots on popular Nickelodeon shows to being a boy band member and now still producing and acting on roles.  He has kept on climbing for someone in their early 30s. Be sure to check out Bitcoin’s site here. The film is set to be released at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23.




Senior Vice President of Spike TV Scott Fishman knows exactly what television wants. He’s smart, creative, and best of all from New York! Spike TV nicknamed “the guy channel” is just one of many networks dedicated to bringing the best type of entertainment relating to men as possible. From the Spike TV awards to 1000 ways to die to Impact wrestling you have to guess where did Scott come up with all of this?! Well he’s no rookie to this at all. For over 30 years he has been established in V ranging from MTV to Nickelodeon. Better yet Mr. Fishman was also the general manager of Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando,Fl from 1997 all the way ups to its closing in 2005. Spike TV is such a guilty pleasure and with this going hand in hand with Nick I would love to ask him the difference of being in children’s tv to a mature audience.














Adam Busch is one of Hollywood’s brightest young talents. You can say he has accomplished all genres of the arts. From working in children’s TV to a TV show that became a pop culture phenomenon to quirky films to a hit TBS sitcom and a thriving music career. The former Shelby Woo star knows how to choose roles whether it be a black comedy or an action. He has a band called Common Rotation which I now have to say the song  “No Love at All” I already like.  Their new album is Keep an Open Gallery is available on iTunes as well. You can listen to their music here. Mr. Busch can currently be seen in the TBS sitcom Men at Work which just wrapped up its third season. It’s nice to see an actor who’s not afraid to jump from one thing to the next!





Mike O’Malley is not just an actor but a screenwriter and producer. As one of the writers of the critically acclaimed Showtime series Shameless which recently got picked up for a fifth season he certainly knows how to formulate comedy in an oddly but brilliant way. While mostly known for being a comedy actor for past roles such as Yes Dear  and as a former game show for Nickelodeon’s Get the Picture and Guts he can also pull off drama as the understanding Burt on FOX Glee. One thing that is fascinating about Mike is that he knows how stay on the grind in Hollywood. He is passionate about bringing entertainment to viewers. Now next year you can see him pick up the writing helmet again for the Starz scripted series Survivor’s Remorse.



These days I often think of today’s generation not do ing enough productive things outside like previous generations did. But it is a relief that a site like an organization like Right to Play USA exists.  The fact that an awesome,passionate athlete like Summer Sanders is one of the spokesperson for this site is great. The former host of the Nick game show Figure It Out who was trained an Olympic swimming, hosted NBA Inside Stuff,and now makes time to fill in spots for the Olympics whether it be summer or winter knows exactly what it takes to make sports a daily factor in kids lives. She lives a healthy lifestyle, has a fun enthusiastic energy and knows the best in giving back. Since making this her goal since 2010 Mrs. Sanders has no ways in slowing down soon.  Please check out the organization’s website Here. Or worse get slimed 😉



JULIE BENZ at Dexter Season 8 Premiere


I can certainly see why actress Julie Benz gets along with the sci-fi thriller fans because she acts so well in them. I recently saw her in Saw 5 and she was great! The way she portrayed a charismatic pretty woman but yet oddly creepy caught my eye. Now on her new Syfy show Defiance she plays a mayor in charge of a nation where aliens and humans are now living on the same planet. Well now a new film coming out this year called Circle has her once again dealing with smart thinking and trapped in with strangers while dealing with crazed killers. But don’t leave out her comedy skills though! Since the early 90’s when she starred in the Nick at Nite sitcom Hi Honey I’m Home(who remembers that?) she can prove she has what it takes to be funny,vulnerable,scared, and strong all in different genres.


Hi Honey I’m Home




Ryan Reynolds has been hard at work on the set of his new film Mississippi Grind due out next year. The former star of Fifteen started filming earlier this year starting in New Orleans and just last week filming then relocated to Mobile,AL and will continue along the Mississippi River. What I do want to say is how much I look up to Ryan as an actor. 2010’s Buried saw me some potential in him as someone who could pull one big situation while he was the only actor in the movie. You can say he has come a long way since Nickelodeon’s Fifteen!



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